Custom Sets: Final Fantasy concept

So apparently i forgot to post this yesterday, i apologize.

Hello! Today i bring you a few pieces of a set i’ve been working on, based on the Final Fantasy series.

The key aspect of making an RPG-based set is reflecting the characters’ evolution. The most straightfoward way was to make use of the level up mechanic from Rise of the Eldrazi. With that in mind all the player-controlled characters are legendary creatures with this mechanic.

Cloud Strife

Note that these may be subject to change at any point. Level up costs are very hard for me to figure out and will require some testing.

In order to distinguish them from playable characters, and to ease up on the complexity value, all other characters and monsters lack this level up mechanic. The exceptions are creatures with more than one form, usually only applicable to bosses.


I also wanted this evolving mechanic to be reflected on spells. The level up mechanic can only be put on permanents, which is fine for enchantments that represent buffs but not for instant or sorcery spells. Luckily there are also existing mechanics that fit these very well, Kicker and Multikicker.

Vanish Fire

Finally we have a special type of creature, Espers, and a special type of spell, Overdrives.
The former represents a summoned monster that can either be hard-cast to the battlefield or evoked for a one-time effect.
The latter is a special character-bound technique that requires a creature on the battlefield to be cast. A few repeatable versions of these take advantage of the splice mechanic to add further boosts.

Valefor Beat Rush

These are the basic concepts of the set. I have quite a few cards made for it already but two main problems are holding it back indefinitely. Firstly i was trying to base myself mainly on fan art, which makes the process slow and impossible for a lot of common monsters. Secondly i haven’t decided whether to make a set for each game or to join more of them somehow. Either of the options raises issues with character color repetition and power balancing.

All in all there’s a lot still up in the air so i don’t expect to have this done any time soon. I might reveal some cards every now and then rather than releasing a proper set, but we’ll see how it goes. Until then!