Card Dump: Incarnations

Hello! Today’s post brings you two Incarnations, more specifically of the Judgment kind. That is, creatures that have some sort of effect while they’re in your graveyard. As always, these are part of yet-another-unfinished-cycle.

Vitality Murder

Alright, a couple comments on these.

Firstly, i know there now is a card called Murder, but i still think the pun is too good to pass on. Furthermore one could say that Murder is an action and therefore an incarnation of it makes little sense but let’s not get philosophical here.

Secondly, more recent players may not be aware of the significance of the tombstone icon. That icon was used in cards that had an effect while in the graveyard, like the classic incarnations, but was scrapped when the card design changed because of graphical incompatibilities. Which is a shame because it’s really useful, particularly with the resurgence of flashback. At any rate i have no such qualms, which is why the tombstone icon is there.

Until next time!