Card Dump: Dual Color (GTC Guilds)

Hello! This weekend was the pre-release of Gatecrash (which i could not attend, sadly) and next weekend marks the set’s release. That means today’s post brings you 5 cards from the Gatecrash guilds’ colors: Dimir (Blue/Black), Gruul (Red/Green), Orzhov (White/Black), Boros (Red/White) and Simic (Green/Blue).
Like last time, these are random cards i already had and weren’t made to fit the guilds.

Corrupted Whispers

This was made with New Phyrexia in mind. I had been reading the Artifacts Cycle novels shortly before finding this image, where there’s a recurring mention of infiltrated Phyrexian spies. Pair that with the Phyrexian symbol in the image (that’s what it reminded me of, anyway) and this is the result! Probably broken.


I’m breaking a bit from the cycle today by posting two hybrid cards, but they were more interesting than the gold ones i had and they’re still in color. The flavor for this one came from Avacyn Restored, after Avacyn healed the werewolves.

Soulkeepers of Urborg

White/Black is my color pair of choice, so i had to make something cooler for it. Yet another legendary creature with no backstory.


The second hybrid, part of the same cycle. This one is actually a lot older. Don’t think about the flavor too much, just… don’t.


Finally, here’s yet another time card. I tried to restrict the card a lot to make sure it wasn’t broken but again i’m sure it’s better than i believe it to be.

Enjoy your gate crashing, until next time!