Build-a-mechanic: Neon Blue

Hello! In my older dual-color card dump post i introduced you to a subsection of my Multiverse, the Neon cards, via this card:

So what exactly is this subset about? Well, it all started a long time ago when i got a wallpaper pack featuring images with fractals and the like. A few of them were like the one above, which reminded me of jellyfish. So why not make a bunch of jellyfish cards?


That didn’t completely answer the question. So what EXACTLY is this subset about? Basically, Neon cards interact with or are a source of blue mana in some way. That’s really all there is to it, and all sorts of cards can have it, not just jellyfish (because, really, jellyfish have a rather limited design space). Cards like the following:


Those are all the Neon cards i have, mainly because i don’t download wallpaper bundles anymore. Therefore, despite my fondness of having my own little Darksteel-like subset, it’s unlikely they’ll see a comeback.

Until next time!