Card Dump: World Enchantments

Hello! Today’s cards are all World Enchantments, a discontinued supertype that basically represents the plane where the duel is taking place; they affect all players and only one can be on the battlefield at any given time, being destroyed when another takes its place. Now this effect is similarly represented by the Planes of Planechase.
I’ve shown one of these cards in an earlier post, which together with today’s represents the bulk of World Enchantments i’ve created.


A simple unfinished cycle, based on Gauntlet of Power.


These are hard for me to gauge power-wise, especially given the fact that i’ve never played with squirrels OR snow, so any number of them may be broken.

World Enchantments aren’t something i design often, for no particular reason other that they don’t feel very appealing. There’s a reason why they were discontinued, i suppose. Until next time!