Card Dump: Re-imaginings

Hello! Today’s cards are all re-representations of existing Magic content, be it cards or lore figures that never made it into the game.

We start with a simple one. World Spell, as far as i understand, was the spell used by the planeswalker Freyalise to end the Ice Age.

Karona was the product of Akroma, Phage and Zagorka’s merging and the embodiement of all mana on Dominaria. She has her own card in Scourge, but it is widely regarded as being far inferior to Akroma’s and Phage’s and an overall disappointment. I tried to make a card worthy of her and ended up with something that would probably be insta-banned if released. That’s why she should never have had a card in the first place.

The Mirari Sword was used by Kamahl to destroy Karona. Can you tell Onslaught is my favorite lore block? The image is Mirari’s Wake.

A reimagining of The Cheese Stands Alone as a planeswalker. I made it so that it would be able to win the game by itself, with a little cunning and a little luck.

Finally, this is a humble representation of my favorite planeswalker. All her abilities are references to cards bearing her name, Serra’s Sanctum, Serra Angel and Serra Avatar. The wordy final ability tries to represent the existence of only one avatar, who is re-incarnated when the previous one dies, and serves as a way for me to cope with her death.
Here’s the token associated with the card:

Until next time!