Card Dump: Colorless

Hello! The rumors of Magic’s eventual sixth color have been floating around for ages now and have, in a way, been realized several times: snow and phyrexian mana come to mind. Not wanting to stray too far from the sidewalk, one of my sixth slices of the color pie came from a simpler source. Colorless, non-artifact spells weren’t a thing until the Eldrazi rose and to me existed only in the form of Ghostfire. So i grabbed that untapped space and made cards like the following.

Colorless spells raise a problem, however: what slices of the color pie can they tap into? Looking at the example above, that is clearly a White/Green spell. Does it make sense that the other three colors have easy access to this type of effect?
The short answer is no, it doesn’t. So how can we fix that?

This is one i’m personally fond of and it better represents the colorless slice. Anyone has access to it, but the effects it grants are still color-specific. Still it can be argued that this hardly makes it a colorless card at all, that it might as well be called all colors. Let’s try again.


These two are, in my opinion, my best representatives of the colorless slice. I feel the effect they grant is generic enough to be shared by all colors (aside from Devour being Red/Green), but has the potential to change dramatically with decks of different colors and different play styles.

Colorless spells are not something i design often. They are always fun to do, however, so this shouldn’t be the last we see of them. Until next time!