Card Dump: Dual Color (RtR Guilds)

Hello! To celebrate the upcoming release of the Return to Ravnica set, today i bring you 5 cards from the colors of that set’s guilds: Azorius (White/Blue), Izzet (Blue/Red), Golgari (Black/Green), Rakdos (Black/Red) and Selesnya (Green/White).
These are random cards i already had and weren’t made specifically for this post, so their power level differs drastically.

Curiously i don’t have many Azorius cards (my guild of choice for this set), so this silly aura had to make do. I have no idea where i got that image from.

This is actually part of a neon theme i have going for a few cards; those will undoubtedly show up in the blog sooner rather than later.

Is this terribly broken? It just felt really cool.

Doublestrike has more interesting design space than one could initially realize, i find.

Probably more cute than playable.

Until next time!