Custom Sets: Pokémon

Hello! As a way of redeeming myself from the I Choose You! card last week, here’s a preview of a Pokémon set i’m (slowly) building.


Obviously the set is heavy on creatures. It is also heavy on the custom mechanic i made for it, Evolve, based off the Champion mechanic. It favors players who use all stages of Pokémon by making their evolutions cheap to cast if its previous stage is on the battlefield. Whether it’s good enough to see play will remain to be seen.

Non-creature cards are still for the most part nonexistent. I’ve defined Sorceries and Instants as being TMs, and there will probably be items as Artifacts if there’s room for them.

I’m focusing strictly on first generation for the time being and all the artwork will be fan-made, which may or may not prove troublesome when it comes to representing attacks.
That’s all i have to show for now, i leave you with the most popular Pokémon of them all:

Until next time!