Card Dump: Uncommon Inspiration

Hello! If you take a look at the archives, you’ll realize that i get inspiration from a lot of sources. Most often it’s just the artwork, but it’s come from games, music or even mythology as well. Today’s cards come from sources which aren’t exactly as common.


This is actually the very first card i ever designed and it got me hooked ever since. I probably got the islandhome mechanic from Slipstream Serpent and after discovering snow from Coldsnap the pieces were brought together. I have no idea why it has suspend, though.

Internet Memes!


Okay so making cards out of memes is incredibly lame, but i was more susceptible back in the day. Does anyone even remember these anymore?


This one has an interesting story. You may or may not be familiar with Laura Shigihara, probably most known for composing the music of Plants VS Zombies (if you’re not, go be). She plays Magic and has the occasional habit of tweeting awful funny puns, often melding the two together. The question in the flavor text of this card was an actual tweet from her, the name of the creature being the answer (based off the card Hex, in case you didn’t get it). I thought it was too good to pass up.

Other TCGs!

Alright, disclaimer first, i love Pokémon. Just not very much so the TCG (or the anime). If i recall correctly, this was made because people in a strategy game group i was part of were talking about bringing the TCG back to life, and weren’t met with a lot of support. Long story short, it’s just a silly card. I do love that ‘shop though, if i may say so myself.

College season is starting for me, so the timing of these posts is going to be slightly advanced. Still on Mondays where i’m from, for all intents and purposes, just probably not CST anymore. Until next time!