Card Dump: Metal music part 2

Hello! This week i’ll be continuing to show off my Metallore set with cards based off song titles. Some of them are by bands i’ve talked about last week while others are new. As always, i encourage you to search them out if you’re interested. Here are the cards, preceded by the band whose songs they belong to.

Leaves’ Eyes


Mourning Tree should ordinarily enter the battlefield tapped but i decided against it to save text space. That’s not a wise decision.



Heart Collector, by contrast, is extremely wordy and perhaps a little confusing. Requiring flavor text didn’t help. I wanted to capture the flavor of a being capturing the essence of others into itself.

Theatre of Tragedy

I rather like this one. I never do split cards as i’m not entirely fond of the concept and, since i usually work from artwork, there’s never good reason to do them. This one however, like the others in the set, was created from the name; the lines in the flavor text are sung at the same time by a male and a female vocalist, so what better way to represent them than in the same card?



Martyr of the Free Word is based off the Coldsnap Martyr cycle, Red and Green being the main colors of freedom.


I’m very wary of this one development-wise. I didn’t want it to be a colored artifact for no good reason other than it didn’t feel right, but i know this isn’t an effect that any deck should just be given for free. The morbid clause was added as an attempt to restrict its functionality in the sense that if you want to destroy with it, you need to be able to destroy by default (or work for it). It’s an attempt of balancing power level through flavor, but i’m not sure just how much balance 0-cost spells demand.

That’s it for this segment. I don’t design a lot for this set so it might take a while for it to return, for better or for worse. Until next time!