Card Dump: Metal music part 1

Hello! Today’s cards come from a set which is a bit of a niche (just so i can narrow down my target audience even further): Metal music. I clumsily named the set Metallore. I’m a metalhead myself and music can be a source of inspiration for me as well, so i consider these to be a sort of tribute. They range from the “growling” of black metal to the clear female voices of symphonic metal. If you’re curious, i very much encourage you to seek out some of their songs. Of course i’m more than aware that this type of music isn’t for everyone but i think the post is still worthwhile even for people that don’t like the genre.

This first part serves as a sort of introduction to the bands, as all the cards are named after band names. The cards themselves have little in common save for the fact that they are all legendary. That can lead to some odd designs, but i preferred to keep the flavor. I also chose to make these in the Futureshifted card layout because it looks cool. Here are the cards.


First things first: i designed Nevermore before the official card came out, and it appears i couldn’t have been more wrong about its color. Ordinarily i retcon a card’s name if it’s officially taken but i had little choice this time. The set’s symbol is a heptagram, the symbol of the band Moonspell. All the cards also have lyrics from a song as flavor text, followed by a cryptic fantasy-themed way of saying which album and song it’s from. Time will judge whether that’s neat or just silly.

If you’re at all curious about the music, i have a couple of youtube playlists containing the official videos from these and many more bands. This one has female-fronted bands, mostly symphonic metal and including Leaves’ Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy and Within Temptation, while this one has male-fronted bands ranging from black to death and inbetween, including Dimmu Borgir and Nevermore. Enjoy.

Next week i’ll be showing some cards based off metal song titles. Until then!