Card Dump: Plays on Nostalgia

Hello! Today’s cards all have something in common, which is the fact that they all reference cards from Magic’s past.

Having been introduced to the game with the Time Spiral set, i was inspired to dig into the rich past of the game and was fascinated by the amount of references the set and the rest of the block contained. I keep finding new things to this date. It’s no wonder, then, that nostalgia cards are a pet love of mine. I don’t design them often, however, because i prefer to make myself push through new boundaries. But every now and then comes along a piece of art that just really reminds me of a particular card, and it usually ends up either on a “reprint” (more on that some other time) or a nostalgia card. The following cards represent the latter.

Firstly we have a very direct reference to Birds of Paradise, influenced by Llanowar Mentor.


These are more subtle, like the myriad Time Spiral ones i love. The first is a spinoff on the classic Specters, while the second takes a Mirrodinian approach for representing Avatar of Woe.

This one is very obscure. The only reason i know the reference at all is because this card came out in Time Spiral and i thought it was extremely weird; investigation led me to discover that card was itself a reference to this one, and all of that boiled down to this.


Finally, these are a reference to the song cycle from Urza’s Saga. The first is a direct addition to the cycle (but not with a two-word name, unfortunately) while the second carries the theme to a different approach.

Until next time!