Card Dump: Artist cycles

Hello! There are times when looking at an image doesn’t speak enough to me to make a card out of it, and it’s not until i see another similar image from the same artist that cogs start to turn. In today’s post i’ll be showing off two examples of card cycles born from art cycles.

Gleaming gem cycle



In this type of card-making i always have to take liberties based on the art i have available. So while, for instance, moonstone might not be the best source of black mana, it felt the most fitting given the circumstances.

Offering cycle


Sometimes there’s not enough art for a full cycle. Incomplete cycles are a dime a dozen in my multiverse, but i enjoy making them anyway. They may just be finished when the right art comes along. Also sometimes i like making flavor text cycles but i’m not the best at it as you can see.

Until next time!