Card Dump: Top 5

Hello, welcome back! Card Dump is a segment where i show a few cards off my personal tiny-scaled Multiverse. These posts will be smaller from now on since they’re not nearly as in-depth as describing a whole set (for anyone who follows Daily MTG, think Magic Arcana-like articles).

Today i’ll show off my favorite and, in my opinion, best cards i’ve created so far. They’re quite simple cards and yet describe their flavor rather elegantly. There’s really not much i can say about them that they don’t show off on their own.

It’s worth mentioning that the vast majority of my card concepts comes from images i find randomly. I only upload cards when i know who made the art for them, so do search them out if you like (when they’re not full names they’re usually deviantART usernames). Without further ado, here are my top 5 cards:

5. Brewed Poison

This is actually one of the first cards i remember making. I also remember it’s gone through several iterations and that the original was much more clumsy than this; it represents my own evolution as a designer, in a sense.

We’ve seen a similar card recently in Glistening Oil, but i swear i did it first (easy to say now, i know).

4. Little Red

Come on, it’s so cute! Right? Unlike the others it’s not very playable i don’t think, but that’s not why i make them anyway. I love single-line cards.

3. Light’s Isolation

This one differs from the rest in that it was created from the flavor text, instead of from the picture. Often i have a very hard time finding a fitting image for cards made this way but this one turned out perfect. Light is a character in a game concept of mine, by the way, and that’s where the name comes from. It’s also why the card has a different expansion symbol.

2. Channeling Exhumer

I love this card. As soon as i looked at the image i had everything designed in my mind: the name, the mechanic, the flavor text, all of it awesome. In my humble opinion, that is. It’s also a throwback to the White/Black clerics of old.

1. Morganna the Prescient

I shouldn’t love this card as much as i do. I knew these mechanics well from other cards, even if they weren’t together, sharing the same flavor. And yet together, plus hexproof, they just click so well… she sees everything. I’m sure the amazing art also helps.

Notable mention: Worldfading

I like the flavor of this card a lot, but it’s just too complex. The amount of counters you need to have or at least keep track of… it should probably only affect non-land permanents too. Nevertheless, i’d love to see a game with this on the battlefield.

Until next time!