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Thanks for checking out Top-Down Magic!

Firstly, let’s get the formalities out of the way: i’m new to this blogosphere thing, and the page will be suffering redesigns as i learn more about it. I’ll not bore you with details on myself since there’s a whole page dedicated to that. Also i should probably write a disclaimer: i do not own any of the art posted here and they are the copyright of their respective owners, unless stated otherwise.

So! What exactly is this about? As a design student i enjoy designing things, and it just so happens there’s few things i enjoy designing more than Magic: the Gathering cards. I use an extremely easy and intuitive program named Magic Set Editor for it. This blog will serve mainly as a gratified and commented card album, so minimum M:tG knowledge is probably required. Alright, that takes off a third of the title. So why TopDown?

Top-down design is a term used when creating things from the whole to the details, as opposed to bottom-up design. In terms of Magic cards this means starting from an image, a name or flavor text, for example, and building down to the keywords and abilities. Personally, this is the only way i can make a card: i’ll find a pretty picture while browsing the net, and something clicks in my brain (there was a time where this bordered on the obssessive; literally dozens of cards spawned from it). Needless to say, it’s a little different than how the folks at Wizards do it. Allow me to exemplify.

A wild awesome art appears! What a normal person sees:

Thunderwolf by The-Hand on deviantART

by The-Hand

 What i see:


Sturm is german for storm, and just sounds cooler. In case you were wondering.

That’s how my brain works. This would be a good time to explain i’m a Vorthos, that is, what i most value is flavor and coherency between the art and the mechanics. I also am not a competitive player. What i’m trying to say is: some of my cards are probably broken. At any rate, this is the sort of content i’ll be sharing here.

I think this is already too big for a first post so i’ll stop here. Join me next time when i introduce you to the only full set i’ve completed so far, based on an awesome game you may or may not know:

The Binding of Isaac